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Our mission – safe male circumcision, first-class aftercare.

Dr B’s Circumcision Clinic is a dedicated male circumcision clinic and one of UK’s largest circumcision centres. Our mission is simple – to offer safe, professional male circumcision and provide 24/7 aftercare support that gives you peace of mind. Our objective is that such a professional service would reduce the rate of complications from procedures carried out by untrained personnel.

All procedures are carried out by Dr Adeboye Oloritun (popularly called Dr Boye or Dr B for short) in our modern, purpose converted clinic which is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Access to the clinic is excellent from all over UK via motorways, trains and airports.

Dr Boye has been carrying out circumcisions since 2008 and does hundreds of procedures every year with clients’ age starting form 1 week to quite elderly (our oldest so far is 67 years!). Our clinic’s reputation constantly brings us referral form all over UK and Ireland. Our international reputation has drawn clients from Holland, USA and Norway.

Dr Boye continues to update his skills and his strive to deliver high quality service has made him travel internationally to improve and learn new circumcision skills. He is the second doctor in the UK to be trained in the use of Shang ring and has participated in an international safe male circumcision skills workshop organised through the American President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

Before carrying out any circumcision, Dr Boye will always assess the client, whether baby or adult, for fitness and he is never shy to decline to perform the procedure if he deems the client unfit. He will always give you an honest opinion on why it is not advisable to operate now and what you should do next. According to him, a good doctor should know when not to operate.

Whether you are seeking circumcision for your son or yourself, for medical, social, religious, cultural or hygienic reasons, our clinic offers a safe and professional service with a personal touch that puts your mind at ease.

Call us today on 01908 693400 for safe male circumcision.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to provide minor surgical services. Click here for our latest CQC inspection report

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Looking after the family….

We have arrangements with local hotels and restaurants for discounts to our clients. hotel

These discounts, along with our weekend appointments, mean the whole family can attend the circumcision in a relaxed environment and you don’t have to worry about arranging childcare for the client’s siblings.

Is your child fit for circumcision?

As a clinic, our aim is to offer high quality service a all times. Our professionalism, good reputation and outstanding customer care have resulted in more and more families recommending us to their loved ones. We regularly receive clients from all over England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In addition, by recommendation we have had clients from Holland, Norway and USA.

While we appreciate the popularity of our services and thank our existing clients who are constantly referring others in direction, the diversity in clients’ or families’ awareness of circumcision and the distances/travel costs to attend our clinic have brought an issue to the fore – the issue of fitness for circumcision.

It is important to note that while circumcision is considered a minor procedure and has been done for ages even outside the medical world, as a surgical procedure there will always be some contra-indications to carry out circumcision. Sometimes these contra-indications are temporary so circumcision must be delayed, or may be permanent, or may necessitate circumcision  being carried out  in a hospital rather than in a clinic.

We feel it is very important to highlight this because as holistic medical professionals we understand the plight of families who may have had to travel/fly to come to our clinic only to be given our honest opinion that the child is not fit for circumcision.

Below are contraindications to circumcision:

  • Buried penis
  • Small penis (penile shaft length less than 1 cm)
  • Webbed penis
  • Chordee
  • Penile torsion
  • Epispadia
  • Hypospadia
  • Bleeding disorders 

It is our hope that by discussing these contraindications, parents and families would have an idea if their child is fit for circumcision. This will save the time and cost of travel to the clinic. If you are unsure what to do, it is best to seek advise from you GP (family doctor).